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May 16David Buslee

The Mission Statement

May 16David Buslee


Nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies use them, more than any other management tool.
Why?  Because the cost is small and the benefits are many.

Externally, the mission statement serves as a beacon in the fog.  It provides management a focus when they are faced with uncertainties due to corporate expansion, competitive pressures, or industry regulations.  Internally, it demonstrates leadership and helps to inspire employees.

Every organization needs a written mission statement, especially a small business.  While the boss may manage the company intuitively, the mission statement articulates that intuition and endorses it as company policy.

The Mission Statement describes your company, sets the mood, defines the corporate culture, and helps perpetuate favorable work methods.

In short, it serves as a guidepost on the road to success.

By Robert Grede


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