Selling a Business? Successful Sellers Have These 3 Abilities

If you own a business, I’m sure you’ve thought
about the “end” game…or maybe you haven’t!
Whether you are thinking about selling in the
next year or 2 or further down the road, here are
some things to think about… let’s begin the dialogue.

Do you have these abilities?

1) First and foremost, set your business up to run without you. Successful sellers have built a team to carry on the business in your absence. This is what buyers look for and it will payoff in sale value.

2) Stay engaged in the business until the end. Remember the deal is not done until the cash is in the bank. The best thing you can do is to continue executing your plan and pay attention to the business during the sale process. It is just that, a process so having competent advisors around you who have been through this before can allow you to focus on execution rather than getting caught up in the process itself.

3) Have you thought about what you will do after the sale…if you execute successfully on point # 1 above, perhaps you have developed some free time to think about or engage in other activities and interests. Just as important as building a business to run without you is having the ability to move on after the sale.

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