Health Care: A New Tool for Small Business

Are you 1 of America’s 28 milli0n small businesses? If so, you are among a majority that employs most of the workforce in the US. Perhaps you offer health insurance coverage and are concerned what changes are in store and what options exist. Or, you are considering whether to offer coverage and how to go about assessing your options under the Affordable Care Act.

The SBA has put together a wizard to help you and your employees find out what you need to know under the Affordable Care Act. Click on the link to get started…

Remember, even if you are not offering coverage to your employees, the individual mandate for insurance coverage still goes into effect January 1, 2014. Employees will need to demonstrate they have coverage or pay a fine when filing their 2014 tax returns in early 2015.

This tool together with proper planning through meetings with your insurance advisers can provide you and your employees with some piece of mind in this ever changing world of health care reform.

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