Guarded Employment Diagnosis still the Trend

According to the latest CFO business outlook survey for Q4, 2013, Finance Execs are more optimistic than not about the recovery, but the pace is still slow. While confidence is on the rise, the prognosis is not translating into positive hiring trends. The culprit…uncertainties over the impact and implementation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act)…

“Finance executives anticipate that their companies will be making some hires over the next 12 months, but not at a pace that is likely to make much difference in national unemployment figures. Survey responses indicated that finance executives are still sorting out what consequences the Act may have on employment strategies, and they are considering a range of possible reactions. Potential responses could include delaying hires, cutting some employee hours to below the 30-hour-a-week threshold that triggers benefits or hiring more new workers at reduced hours.”

Not surprising was that smaller companies appeared more vulnerable from the fallout. The result is that businesses of all sizes are looking to reduce costs, either by reducing benefits to current employees or increasing employee’s contributions toward their health benefits.

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