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Aug 1David Buslee

Grow Strategically – Exit Successfully™

Aug 1David Buslee

Grow Strategically – Exit Successfully

You are invited to “Grow Strategically – Exit Successfully™” – at Miller Park on August 24th.

Every business owner will eventually leave their business. Learning about the options available to you early, and how each option affects you and your business, can enable you to maximize the value and attain your retirement goals.  The experts you will meet can help you to focus on your business and avoid the potential pitfalls.

After the event, you can enjoy the game on us – the Milwaukee Brewers vs the Colorado Rockies. Additionally you will receive a copy of The Exit Strategy Handbook, breakfast, and a chance to win either an iPad or an iPad mini.  Parking passes are provided.







Meet at Miller Park – The Bob Uecker Room


9:00 AM Registration
9:10 AM Breakfast
9:40 AM Introduction
9:50 AM Thrivent Presentation – “Where are you going”
10:20 AM Meet the Sponsors –    First Break
10:45 AM Smith and Gesteland CPA – “Where are you now?”
11:15 AM Meet the Sponsors – Second Break
11:40 AM B2BCFO “How will you get to your Goal?”
12:10 PM Roundtable Presentation – “What are the Hurdles?”
12:55 PM Drawing
1:00 PM Seating at the game
1:10 PM Start of the game



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