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Dec 13David Buslee

Goal Setting Mistakes Most People Make

Dec 13David Buslee

You never know where you may get either a great idea, or great, action provoking insight. This is an article from a blog on Interior Design – but very apropos to everyone this time of year. It was written by Gail Doby, ASID.

Goal Setting Mistakes Most People Make –

It’s that time again, when most of us are thinking about setting goals for 2011…and most of us won’t accomplish them. Why is that?

We get excited and create those New Years resolutions or goals, and within days, we stop working on what we know we want to do…or do we really truly want those goals?

If you don’t have a blank journal so you can create your own Goal Journal, go purchase one at the office supply or bookstore. It is one of the keys to your success in 2011. (That’s a step toward a goal)

Why don’t we accomplish our goals? Let’s look at some of the top reasons:

1. We set too many goals. It’s like going to a buffet. If you see all of this food and put it all on your plate, you’ll eat too much, and yet, not get what you need. Or, you’ll eat a small portion and quit. Why do we do this? We want to make some significant changes, but we don’t have a realistic expectation about how long things will take. So…when you set those goals for yourself, be sure to include a time estimate for each of those to be completed. Realistically, you can only do one thing at a time. Focus is the key to success. Strategies:
Set one – three goals per month
Estimate time to be completed
Set an end date for completion

2. We fight our own subconscious belief systems. We may not believe we’re worthy of the success that reaching that goal will mean. If your internal beliefs aren’t in synch with the goal that you’ve set, you’ll self-sabotage and then feel even worse that you didn’t accomplish your goals.

When you set goals, identify the beliefs you must have to achieve those goals.
Evaluate whether your real true core belief about yourself is aligned with the beliefs you must have to accomplish those goals.
Identify what steps you must take to change your beliefs that you are worthy of those goals and release them so you can make that change.
Identify the negative beliefs you have that are in the way of the right mindset to achieve your goals. Perhaps you don’t see yourself being the success your goals say you want to achieve.
Define what it would mean to you to accomplish those goals.

3. We don’t write down the steps and resources we need to achieve those goals. Just writing down a goal without the steps almost ensures that we are writing down a dream and not a goal.

Take one piece of paper per goal and write down the step that needs to be done right before achieving that goal, and then the step before that, and the step before that. Before you know it, you have a complete plan.
Do you personally need to do each of those steps, or can you enlist help to accomplish those goals through barter, hiring someone who is better at it than you are, etc.? Write down who you can get to help you and what tools you need to assist you.
Schedule the actions on your calendar.
Take action.

4. We’re not accountable to others or ourselves. It’s easy to let ourselves not follow through.

Get into a mastermind group and make that a requirement, that every week, you set accountability and you at least get a friendly kick if you don’t get the task done.
Remember that if you don’t take the accountability to yourself seriously, you’ll get less accomplished. Don’t make a goal or promise to yourself unless you’re willing to keep it.

5. We set goals that don’t mean anything to us personally. If you’re doing something to please others, you’re likely to disappoint yourself.

Only set goals that you are committed to do because they fit with your personal values. If they don’t fit your personal values, then don’t commit to them.
Setting a goal to lose weight because we want to be more attractive to our mate or prospective partner won’t keep us on task. Do it for yourself because you want to feel healthy, sexy and attractive.

6. We don’t cut expenses quickly enough. None of us expected the economy to crash so completely, and if you’re still doing the same things you were a few years ago, you could save some money on non-essentials. If you can overcome your own fears and concerns, you’ll be even stronger as a person and as a business owner. Now it’s important to find your resourcefulness and determination to succeed in spite of it.

What can you do to cut your expenses today and run a more frugal business structure?
Trim non-essential basic expenses. Can you cut your supply costs, your subscriptions or other small expenses? Can you eliminate your fax line and have faxes delivered to your computer? Can you bundle your telephone services?
Don’t cut your marketing or education budgets – those are the levers to exponential success.
Keep your expenses low even when business returns to a more normal level.

7. We don’t have time and resource contingencies built in. Life happens and when we don’t account for the fact that we get colds or the flu, or others need our help with something, or we need an extra cushion in case of emergencies, then we get frustrated and give up on a goal because we didn’t allow for that time.

Whatever you set as a goal, allow twice as long to get it accomplished and twice as much money.
Determine your Plan B or Plan C just in case. If you don’t get 6 clients, what will you do? How will you achieve your revenue goals?
Set up reserves in your business to help you cover shortfalls.
Think about additional resources you can draw on to meet your adjusted goals when you’re not on track to achieve them on time and within the budget you set.

8. We don’t remind ourselves about the goals enough. How much is enough?

Create a collage with pictures of how you’ll feel when you achieve your goal and what it looks like.
If you’re shooting for a dollar goal for your business, create a picture or add color to the graphics of the dollar figure, and add that to your collage. Remember to attach pictures of your family so you connect the earning of the money with what it will do for your family and for yourself.
Include pictures of the rewards. Will you give yourself a day at the spa, or a massage. We think in pictures, so use pictures to motivate yourself and connect with the emotions you’ll feel when you achieve what you desire.
Look at these pictures and reminders every day, and be sure to include them on your computer screen or in your Goal Journal (that you’re going out to buy today) so you can see what it is you want to achieve and can measure your progress.
You can also scan in a collage of goal achievement pictures and use it as a screen-saver on your computer.

9. We look at goals as a burden and forget to add rewards for the accomplishment.

It doesn’t have to be excessive, but take a break and have coffee with a friend, go to the museum for a few hours, take a walk, put extra earnings in a separate fund to purchase a small reward like a great picture frame or massage.
Write down what you’re grateful for in your Goal Journal and do it frequently. That in itself is a great reward for our small accomplishments.
A long journey begins with a single step, so feel great when you take that first step.

10. We feel like a failure if we have setbacks along the way and it can tempt us to give up.

Make a decision that when setbacks arise, that you’ll look for an alternative route. Each setback is feedback, and it means we need to take in what we experienced and think about what we learned from it. It’s not a reflection of our character.
Be your own best teacher. We all learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Dig deep to figure out what the root cause of the setback is, and how you can avoid the challenge in the future.
If you’re repeating the same mistakes, there is a root cause that is the reason, and until you change that, you’ll keep doing the same thing.

Use your Goal Journal to record your setbacks so you can figure out how you can overcome them. Also record your progress. That’s worthy of appreciation.

You are worthy of great accomplishments and recognition for who you are. Remember that it is more important to do things because they make you feel good than it is to get recognition by others. It’s good for your soul to feel that you’re worthy and wonderful the way you are.

I hope you’ll take some time before the end of 2010 to think about these 10 goal blocks. Be sure to share your thoughts.


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