Entrepreneurs want more for their Business

B2BCFO is once again honored to be recognized to the INC 500/5000 list of the fastest growing companies.  We had the distinct privilege of conducting a survey of 230 companies named to this years list. The results indicate that while most Entrepreneurs plan to sell their businesses…

“they are stumped when it comes to adding value to their companies and about what the proper company price should be. Most businesses get stuck at a growth inflection point, requiring knowledgeable managers who can push growth to the next level.”

This is not surprising given that most entrepreneurs are the visionaries of their idea. They usually have the key technical skills and attributes necessary to launch their idea. While these skills are extremely important to any business’s launch, they generally carry the business only so far. At some point (some sooner rather than later) all businesses require other complimentary skill sets to continue their growth and achieve higher values.

Surrounding yourself with others that have different, but complimentary skills is usually one of the toughest decisions entrepreneurs struggle with.  Yet doing so can be one of the more significant contributors to value.  Buyers give higher values to companies that have assembled teams…less risk than relying on one individual.

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