Are You a Leader and a Motivator?

When you sit in your office as the CEO, do your employees strive to improve their work to be more like you, regardless of job titles? When you walk across the workplace floor, do you sense your workers feel encouraged to reach for success like you did 10, 20, or 30 years ago? Are they motivated to continue to strive for that success?

If your employees already feel that way, then you are a great leader and motivator. The following are reminders about how to strengthen and retain your motivated staff:

Motivate for performance and for creativity with a sense of accomplishment.
Bonuses are great motivators for job performance, but motivators for job creativity must include a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Purpose is ironically linked to items of emotional value that bonds the staff together and recognizes the employee with elements such as recognition ceremonies, notable rewards when work goals are reached, appreciation events like picnics, and inviting high performers to special or private lunch where additional idea sharing can take place with you as the boss.

Motivate by example.
The term “lead by example” is tried and true. If there are office protocols, the rules should be the similar at the management level and at the staff level. Establishing different office rules may make lower level employees feel less equal and ultimately less important. Work quality can suffer as a result.

Motivate with an emphasis on progress.
Progress gives staff the feeling they are valued in the company and their job has meaning. When employees feel appreciated they feel good about working hard for you. When an employee can see the benefits of the progress they make, they tend to become more productive. To increase productivity, a leader and motivator will encourage the staff to realize their own accomplishments and progress, provide supportive feedback to staff as a project progresses, and celebrate when a milestone is reached.

Be an effective leader and motivator.
Being an effective leader and motivator is about more than laying out the blueprint for the direction you would like your company to go. It is a necessity that the rest of the company follows you, and wants to follow you on the journey. Realizing your employees are motivated to follow in your footsteps is the icing to your CEO cake.

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