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Time to Renew Your Line of Credit


Businesses with a December 31 year end are about to begin the annual ritual renewal of their bank lines of credit.  Most lines of credit must be renewed annually at an expiration date that coincides with the completion of year-end financial reports, audits, and tax returns.  While the process may seem relatively routine, it is important that the process be understood and taken seriously by small business borrowers.…

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Why, Who, What

By Brian E. Christian



Entrepreneurs, business owners, chief executive officers (CEOs) pour their heart and soul into their companies and are integrally important to their employees, shareholders, lenders, investors, communities and, as a collective whole, the economy of our great nation. They are also the reason B2B CFO® was born of humble beginnings over 25 years ago and as a result…we, as Partners in the firm, continue our daily mission to improve their lives.…

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