Month: March 2016

Selling a Business? Successful Sellers Have These 3 Abilities

If you own a business, I’m sure you’ve thought about the “end” game…or maybe you haven’t! Whether you are thinking about selling in the next year or 2 or further down the road, here are some things to think about… let’s begin the dialogue. Do you have these abilities? 1) First and foremost, set your… Read more »

Why do Business Transitions Fail?

Business transitions

Why do Business Transitions Fail? By Brian E. Christian, Partner B2B CFO® Recently Axial Forum ( published an article by Tom Schramski, President and Managing Partner of Vertess entitled “7 Reasons Why Some Businesses Don’t Sell”. I loved this article for several reasons: It is well written, The subject matter is straight forward, It is… Read more »