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Common Mistakes Business Sellers Make

Mistakes Spelled Incorrectly With Pen

Preparing your business for its sale to your final customer, the Buyer, could be the most significant business transaction of your lifetime. It is often said that you generally only sell your business once. There are no do-overs, so the time and effort invested in that 1 – 2 year period before you sell could prove to be most valuable.…

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Companies That Benefit From a B2B CFO®

Businessman With Dollar-Bill Head

Strong, Growing Companies

  • Cash is tight due to growth
  • Growing but not profitable
  • Profitable but need financial strategies/systems/processes/controls to continue

Struggling Companies

  • Have constant cash struggles
  • Poor profitability
  • Are profitable but can’t improve from year-to-year
  • Need new ideas to “break out”
  • Need help immediately or they may “go under” (turnarounds)
  • Need to reduce expenses and/or increase sales

Companies/Owners Nearing Transition

  •  Owners looking to sell or transfer their companies in the next 5 years
  • Owners who want to sell their companies for a higher value

All Companies

  • Need a Game Plan with Financial and Goal Clarity
  • Do not use their financials to manage and improve their business
  • Need to better manage and forecast cash and/or need better financing
  • Do not utilize financial strategies to increase sales
  • In need of better financial processes, systems, policies and procedures
  • Need metrics, dashboards and better management reporting
  • 80/20 review needed – potentially too many products, items, poor customers
  • Don’t fully understand product, line of business and customer profitability
  • Improved pricing strategies needed to increase sales and profits
  • Need to better understand job costs and overhead rates for costing and pricing
  • Need a strategic plan, business plan or annual operational plan or budget
  • Analyze new products, opportunities and risk without financial analysis
  • Need improved inventory, accounts receivable or working capital management
  • Have a CFO or Controller that needs mentoring or has too much on his/her plate


  •  The CEO is “Alone at the Top” and needs a trusted financial advisor
  • The CEO or owner is buried in Administrivia instead of leading and selling

We provide owners with a free, no obligation needs analysis and GamePlan™ to increase profitability, cash, company value and peace of mind.

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